Local network over-the-air broadcast info

The Digital TV transition in Tillamook County

This information only applies if you have a UHF over-the-air antenna. It has no effect on those that only receive local channels from satellite or cable TV.

Tillamook's source of Portland local network broadcasts is provided mainly via the Hebo mountain and Neahkahnie mountain translator towers.
Some translators could continue their current analog broadcasts for maybe another 5 years.
To receive any digital broadcasts you'll need a digital TV converter box or a digital TV (DTV). A digital TV converter box usually won't get any analog channels at all, and you'll have to manually turn it off or use the bypass feature to receive analog. With a digital TV you will need to go into the menu setup for the TV and do a rescan of digital channels in order for the TV to register any new channels. All new televisions with TV tuners are capable of receiving both analog and digital over the air broadcasts.
Digital Flash Cut means that there will be no simulcast, the analog will be shut off before the digital becomes active.
Below is a list of station information and links, the [map] link will show you the approximate location of that transmitter.

Rockaway Beach | Hebo | Tillamook

Complete list of Low-Power and Translator TV Stations in Oregon.
Wikipedia's list of television stations in Oregon

Hebo mountain Low-Power and translators

Verified digital channels are listed in green.

The following stations are broadcast on these channels from the Hebo tower for Tillamook [map] and Pacific City/Cloverdale [map]:

NetworkChannelLocal AffiliateCallsignStatus
PBS19 (10.1 - 10.3)OPBK19EI (OPB) Licensed LDTX (verified active)
ONE24KPWC 24KPWC-LD (Lewetag)Licensed LD (unverified)
FOX35KPTV 12 (Meredith)K35CR (Meredith)Licensed LPTX
?35?K35CR (Meredith)Construction Permit LD (Digital Flash Cut)
NBC40KGW 8 (Belo)K40EG (King)Licensed TX
?28?K40EG (King)Application LD (moving to 28)
ABC43KATU 2 (Fisher)K43EJ (Fisher)Licensed TX

Rockaway Beach translators

Verified digital channels are listed in green.

The following stations are broadcast on these channels from Neahkahnie Mountain for Rockaway [map] and Nehalem [map]:

NetworkChannelLocal AffiliateCallsignStatus
FOX20KPTV 12 (Meredith)K20HT (ROWT)Licensed TX
?20?K20HT (ROWT)Construction Permit LD (Digital Flash Cut)
PBS36 (10.1 - 10.3)KOPB-TV 10 (OPB)K36GU (ROWT)Licensed LDTX (verified active)
CBS41 (6.1)KOIN 6 (NVT)K41GG (ROWT)Licensed LDTX (verified active)
NBC44 (8.1, 8.2)KGW 8 (Belo)K44AV (ROWT)Licensed LDTX (verified active)
ABC47KATU 2 (Fisher)K47CD (ROWT)Licensed TX
?47?K47CD (ROWT) Construction Permit LD (Digital Flash Cut)
MNTV51KPDX 49/48/30 (Meredith)K51FK (ROWT)Licensed TX
?51?K51FK (ROWT) Construction Permit LD (Digital Flash Cut)

Tillamook City Low-Power translators

Stations in Tillamook - K05KX [map] and K26HS [map]

NetworkChannelLocal AffiliateCallsignStatus
? 5?K05KX (Michael Mattson)Licensed LPTX
3ABN26BLBNK26HS (Better Life)Licensed LPTX
?26?K26HS (Better Life)Application LD (Digital Flash Cut)

Reauthorization of SHVERA

Full video and testimony of the Reauthorization of the Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act hearings by the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet on February 24, 2009 is available at the Energy and Commerce Committee website.
This hearing is very interesting and I recomend everyone review it. The site offers videos and written testimony of the hearing.


Call to ask about availability of antennas to fit your needs : 503-842-3811.
Also Video-Audio Connection of Tillamook 503-842-9200 carries some antennas.