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DirecTV in a dispute with Belo Corp.

Just in case you received a letter from some DirecTV retailer in Seaside trying to scare you into switching from Dish Network to DirecTV because of retrans disputes with local channels, you should read this:
IdahoStatesman.com: dispute with DirecTV
Belo owns Portland's KGW 8
Belo has settled the dispute with DirecTV (as I checked on November 2, 2011).
Please keep in mind that, with both DirecTV and Dish Network, it costs them quite a bit of money to come up with transponder space on their satellites to retransmit local channels for 210 cities in the US. That equates to about 1,000 (local) channels you can't watch.
Also, keep in mind that the channel is available for free from the Hebo and Rockaway translators, but KGW is not available in digital TV from them (as of Oct. 12 2011).

Purchased equipment versus leased equipment

The second through sixth 'solo' receiver have a $7/Month fee when activated, purchased or not. A dual tuner receiver has two tuners and would be $14/Mo.
There is a limit of 3 leased receivers, dual or single tuner, per account. Up to 3 additional purchased receivers may be added, dual or single tuner.
De-activated leased receivers need to be returned to Dish Network, or your account will be billed for the value of the receiver, in which case it becomes "purchased". It can still be returned for credit as long as you have the Return Authorization number, which is on the shipping label of the return shipping box.
If you cancel your account or it is terminated, you must return any leased receivers or you will be billed for them.
Leased receivers carry an indefinite replacement warranty.
Purchased receivers carry a one-year replacement warranty.
Purchased receivers can be de-activated at any time.
Purchased receivers can be sold and transferred to another Dish account, as long as there are no outstanding charges on them, such as unpaid Pay-per-View. You need to call Dish Network and have the receiver released from your account.
Purchased receivers can be used in Pay-As-You-Go RV accounts.

Distant Networks in HD

Check back for information on the availability of Distant Networks by Dish Network.
Distant Networks by Dish Network are not available to fixed residential accounts, only to RV mobile accounts.

The future of Local Network retransmission

There are likely to be changes in the rules for network retransmission agreements.
I never did study or even find the new rules, but I don't expect we'll lose any local networks any time soon.
I guess, since I see there continue to be retransmission disputes (as of Oct. 12 2011), nothing much has changed.